Order of Perpetual Indulgence - Sydney House
Founded 1981
Fair Day & Mardi Gras Festival Launch
2008 Victoria Park
17th February 2008
  • The green and gold annex promoted
universal joy and guilt free indulgences
  • Sister CPR II explains some of the background
of the Order to gathered faithful.
  • Mother Premonstratensia and
two of the gathered faithful
  • Sister Salomé reminisces with an old friend
  • The Confessionals to the rear of annex had a steady
stream of visitors throughout the day.
Even the occasional Sister!
  • The burden has indeed been lifted!
  • Such a lengthy stay!
What could she possibly be confessing! Woof!
  • Dingo Vobiscum!
  • Sisters CPRII and Salomé, always ready to help
a fellow stall holder clean away guilt!
  • Sister Heleena bestows blessings
and indulgences on a pair of braves!
  • Mother Desmond Three Three, and Sister Rowena
whilst busy dispensing blessings and indulgences
are never ones to miss a photo opportunity.
  • Sister Salomé returns to the Annex
to collect more of the popular Zoo Walk flyers
  • A slightly overcast sky above meant a slightly cooler
and more pleasant day for the gathered
faithful who attended in record numbers
  • Get a look at those legs!
  • Where did you get that hat!
  • Oh Sister!
  • Sister Salomé and
Sister Desmond Three Three With A Bloody Good Tan
  • Sisters never miss a photo
opportunity with the gathered faithful!

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