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History Walk
The Golden Mile & Sex On Premises
Tuesday 26th February 2008

Approximately 75 of the gathered faithful assembled at the designated point in Paddington to set out on an intriguing, entertaining, accurate and extensive visitation with the Sydney House of the Order of Perpetual Indulgence. The procession travelled west along the Golden Mile of Oxford Street to Taylor Square, so keen to hear more of the history of our community the group continued to Oxford Square. Famous and infamous venues and characters of yesterday and today were recalled enroute. Several of the gathered faithful were, and indeed still are very much part of the gay community of Sydney and also shared their recollections of the history of, not to mention their experiences on, the Golden Mile.

Another very enjoyable and successful day at the Fair Day was had this year. The O.P.I. Annex was a first for the Sister's and proved very popular, receiving a steady flow of visitors stopping by as they meandered the pathways among the other varied stalls.

Sister Mary Mary Quite Contrary was kept busy for much of the day disseminating information to gathered faithful regarding the activities of the Order and also the up coming events organised by the Sisters during Mardi Gras festival, such as Zoo Walk and History Walk which are keenly attended by our overseas visitors in particular and of course the Mardi Gras Parade. Members of the gathered faithful visiting the annex were also able to have a commemorative photographic image taken with a sister or sisters. A truly inspirational reminder of their visit.

Blessings and Indulgences were eagerly sort after and widely distributed during the day by those sisters manning the annex and also by sisters strolling among the gathered faithful enjoying their day in the glorious Victoria Park

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They gathered with antici...pation!   One of the gathered faithful proudly shows his
newly acquired blessing, and his smile!
  Cardinal French begins the tour in
Ormond Street.
Sister CPRII fondly remembers the Police
Citizens Boy's Club in Underwood Street.
  Proud bearers of fluro blessings!   Cardinal French shares interesting historical enlightenment at Napier Street Paddington.  
Midway Enlightenment!   Taylor Square and time to remember the "78ers"
and the protest that became a turning point in
the fight for Gay & Lesbian rights in Australia.
  Greg from Sydney Leather Pride Association shares
a recolection to the garthered faithful at
Taylor Square.
A reminder of the "Summary Offences Act"   Invoking the Holy Dingo for the youngest of the
gathered faithful.
  A local identity emparts a memory to the gathered
faithfully who listen intently at Oxford Square.
Cardinal Titi records the moment as Greg talks
of venues past in the Oxford Square area.
  Even passers-by pause to listen.   A chance to rest ones weary feet at the end of a
very titilating and informative perambulation.
    One of the gathered faithful takes a moment
for reflection.

Photos courtesy of John William, CPR II & Sr Mary Go RoundPlease click on thumbnails to view larger image slideshow
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