Order of Perpetual Indulgence - Sydney House
Founded 1981
Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras 2008!
Celebrating 30 Years of "Discovering & Exploring Since 1978!"
Parade 1st March 2008
  • About 10,000 parade participants began
to assemble mid afternoon.
  • Our very own paparazzi is on hand to
expertly record a pictorial record.
  • Meanwhile Sister Rowena speaks to another
member of the paparazzi
  • Sisters huddle as others begin to prepare....
  • ...and Sister C.P.R.II gives advice to a novice.
  • Visisting Sisters from Perth joined us for the parade.
  • Sisters wearing the Rainbow Habit join
Mother Desmond Three Three for a photo opportunity.
  • Dusk falls and floats light up
as departure approaches.
  • One, two, buckle my shoe!
  • A very special appearance by webdog
in the bicentenial leather habit.
  • Fellow parade members prepare to head off.
  • Time draws near and the Rainbow Habit
takes form.
  • O.P.I. volunteers in position
to carry the train.
  • Word goes out and we are off!
  • The Rainbow Habit leads the way,
closely followed by other sisters and the nun mobile.
  • See what can happen when you join the Sisters
for a History Walk (See the History Walk pics.)
You may get paraded before 350,000 people!
  • Rally sisters, find your stride,
let thy inner fortitude do the rest!
  • Mother Desmond Three Three pauses to
boogie with a parade marshal.
  • UA visiting Perth sister takes a turn in holding
the banner aloft.
  • Mother Desmond Three Three speaks to the
carmera for the live broadcast.
  • I know I put my lighter in here somewhere!
  • Finally we reach the top of the hill, and round
the corner at Taylor Square, with a well
known icon in the background.
  • A picture speaks a thousand words really!
  • I know I should recognise that face,
if only I had put my glasses in.
  • Pick the sensible shoes!
It is a long walk in heels sister!
  • Some of the gathered faithful lining
Flinders Street.
  • The volunteers did a fantastic job managing
the train and the sisters would like to
acknowledge them and thank them for their assistance.
  • Sister Salomé of the 9th Mystic Rhinestone.
Only the most saintly and inspirational sister is
granted his own special place in parade reflections!
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This website is fondly dedicated to the memory of Sister Carmen Get It - (15/4/1959 - 5/5/2006)
and to all those Sisters of the Sydney House who have passed on.

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