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Candlelight Memorial
Eternity Playhouse Darlinghurst

On Sunday May 15th Sister Salomé of the 9th Mystic Rhinestone, Sister Rowena, Keeper of the Holy Doily, & Novice Sister Eileen Dover, along with Sister Mary Backroom,
Mother Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation II in secular guise, and Saint Webdog 4.0 attended the annual Candlelight Memorial held at the Eternity Playhouse,Darlinghurst.

The AIDS Candlelight memorial has been held annually for over 18 years. It is the time when members of the community can come together and reflect on and remember
all those who have died from HIV/AIDS. At the memorial, names are read out by a cross section of the community, including family members, partners, young and old.
The annual AIDS Candlelight Memorial is now held on International Remembrance Day, which is on the 3rd Sunday of May each year.

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