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History Walk
Newtown's Gay History
Sunday 21st February 2016

Today saw a bunch of faithful followers gather in the small park on the corner of Alice and King Streets in Newtown for the 27th Annual History Walk hosted by the Sisters Of The Order Of Perpetual Indulgence, Sydney House.  This year the Sisters were delighted to have the company of visitors from Canberra in the south up to Brisbane in the North and even a couple from even further north from Canada.

The day begun in a somewhat overcast manner with just a light sprinkling of rain from above however Ralph, the omnipotent one, and Mother Dingo ensured that spirits were not damped and brollies were not needed for long and after a welcome and acknowledgement to country and an introductory talk we set off.

The focus of this year’s walk was the gay history of the Newtown area and as always we were overjoyed to have the company of local historian and member of the Pride History Group, Robert French, to lead us down the path of enlightenment. (He walked, talked and enthralled and we walked, listened intently and indeed were enthralled!)  Members of the gathered faithful also added interest and colour with anecdotal input as well as first hand experiences of people, places and events.

The perambulation came to conclusion in the small park near the intersection of City Road and Darlington Road.  From there members of the gathered faithful dispersed, some to return to their own lives, some continued down City Road to join the thronging crowd in Victoria Park at Fair Day!

The Sisters would like to thank everyone for joining us this year and of course also extend that thanks to Cardinal French for giving of his time to help make this event such a success.  We hope to see you return in the not too distant future.

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