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Profession To Black Veil
Sister Eileen Dover
Sunday 21st February 2016

It was with no small measure of delight, good humour and of course certain appropriate solemnity that the Sisters Of The Order Of Perpetual Indulgence gathered to hold a small but never the less momentous event in a quiet corner at Fair Day today.

The Sisters were surrounded by a small group of gathered faithful and invited guests to witness the profession of Sister Eileen Dover to that of Black Veil in the Order.
The first Sister to be professed in the order in fourteen years, Sister Eileen Dover was presented by Novice Mistress Sister Rowena, Keeper of the Holy Doily.

Following the handing over of the dowry and taking of the vows, the Sisters gathered in a huddle surrounding Sister Eileen to ceremoniously present and fit his black Veil.

The Sisters Of The Order Of Perpetual Indulgence are delighted to welcome and present Sister Eileen Dover as a Black Veil of The Order.


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