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Winter Solstice Market Day & Medieval Festival
Saturday 17th June 2017

Again this year in late June a band of intrepid Sisters, once again accompanied by Peter, Louis Vuitton and WD4.0 and joined this year by the fabulous Roderick, traversed the great divide making a pilgrimage to attend the annual Newbridge Winter Solstice Market Day and Medieval Festival. Although not the frigid conditions of last year the highland air was crisp and clean, but the welcome warm.

Upon arrival our brave Sisters explored the festival markets to find Sister Eileen Dover who had already set up stall giving wool spinning demonstrations to the gathered faithful sharing his vast knowledge of the craft with his usual enthusiasm and humility.

Soon after 5pm, the locals and visitors alike gathered to witness the lighting of the wicker man.  There are many, sometimes conflicting theories as to the origins and purpose behind the burning of the wicker man so this writer will leave it to you the reader to investigate for yourself.

As evening drew on our band returned to Blayney where we gathered at a local establishment to enjoy our evening banquet and social intercourse.  During the course of the evening Sister Eileen was asked to give an impromptu blessing of a couple who had gathered with their families to celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary.

Suitably refreshed and nourished we returned to our accommodation to reflect further on the day’s events, to rest and regain strength and energy for the journey back across the great mountains to the big city the following morning.

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