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Coffee Run Blessing
Dykes on Bikes - Boys On Bikes - Road Runners

Sydney Park - Saturday 29th September 2019

"May your engines stay tuned and your frame remain sound.
May the suspension stay supple but the forks remain sturdy.
May your handlebars steer true and your exhaust remain clean.
May your seat be forever soft and your pillion well lubed... (to stop the chaffing of course on those long rides).
I Sister Catheter on behalf of the Sisters of the Order Perpetual Indulgence do bless these fine machines and the finer people who ride them.
May the almighty She Dingo bestow blessings on all and keep you upright and on course."

On 29th September 2019 the Sisters of the Order of Perpetual Indulgence (Sydney House) were admirably represented by Sister Catheter of the Immaculate Ejaculate who performed a fabulous blessing for members of the Dykes On Bikes, Boys On Bikes and Road Runners groups before they departed on their "Coffee Ride". From all accounts the event was a huge success and participants were delighted to have Sister Catheter present to perform the blessing. Thank you Sister and thanks too to Sister's very able photographer.

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