Order of Perpetual Indulgence - Sydney House
Founded 1981

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Roll Call

The traditions and reputation of the Sydney House of the Order of Perpetual Indulgence has been built through the hard and energetic work of many people since 1981.

Whether currently manifesting, passed on, in retirement, manifest separately from the Order, refuse to identify with the Order or disappeared into oblivion, the following list honours and remembers those current and previous contributors to the Sydney House.

Due to the Great Archive Tragedy of 2001, information is missing.
Further details will be entered as often as they become discovered again.

In Memoriam - respectfully honouring sisters who have passed on

Mother Cum Dancing
Sister Mary Daizy Chain
Sister Mary Hot Pants
Sister Mae Nibble Yer Nipples
Mother Tepuia Lascivious Honey Bear of the Scarlet Sphincter
Sister Vera Vegas
Sister Antonia Barvaria
Sister Barbarella Ars Erotica
Sister Orgasmica Melodica
Sister Rose Incarnate
Sister Joan a'FAAARQUE
Sister Carmen Get It
Sister Mary Mary Quite Contrary / Sister Nun Bouy
Mother Helen Highwater


Known active current members

Sister Salomé of the 9th Mystic Rhinestone
Sister Rowena
Keeper of the Holy Doyley
Mother Premonstratensia
Mother Cardio Pulmonary
Resuscitation II
also known as Sister Mary Jump Start
Sister Sapphire In My Loins
Sister Eileen Dover
Sister Catheter of the Sacred
Immaculate Ejaculate
Saint Webdog 4.0
(aka WD40)
Known not-so-active members
Sister Mary Go Round
Sister Mary Backroom
Cardinal Titi Chartay
Immaculata Deceptionata


Those who do not manifest with the Order for various reasons
(e.g. retired, left the Order, do their own thing, have a life, manifest individually, disappeared, can't be bothered, whatever)

Mother Mary Medusa (founder of the Sydney House)

Brother August in Lesbos
Brother Felix Fellatio
Cardinal Robert French
Cardinal Galbraith
Mother Mary Capitalist Bastard
Mother Superior to Thee
Saint David of the Bar
Saint Julie, Keeper of the Red Thread
Sister Mary Regina D'Majestica [First female nun of Sydney House]
Sister Anunymous
Sister Augustin Lesbos
Sister Big Bad Bruce
Sister Bridgette Over Troubled Waters/Mother General Belgrano
Sister Deborah Against Messianic Nonsense
Sister Gerontophilia Extravaganza
Sister Heather Helium Heels of the Immaculate Obesity
Sister Iona Ducati
Sister Joy of the Rhinestone Cowgirl
Sister Lezbie More Than Friends
Sister Mary Had A little Lamb and Shocked
The Whole Medical Profession
Sister Marie Angelique
Sister Mary Floorer
Sister Mary Hairy Fairy/Sister Peter Pansy
Sister Mary Juana
Sister Mary O'Not the Clap Again
Sister Mary Queen of Tarts
Sister Mary Shesido Instaface
Sister Nina She Moaned
Sister Petra Maxima/Sister Polly Tickly
Sister Scarlet O'Harlet
Sister Seven Daily Adventures
Sister Mary Third Secret of Fatima
Sister Mary Rides A'Harley
Brother Can You Spare A Dime
Brother Rufus of the Holy Dog Collar
Sister Barbarella Ars Erotica
Sister May Call of the Wild/Sr Mae Caul of the Wilde West
Sister Absley Fair Bilis
Sister Mary Malicious Intent
Sister Mary Ophelia Dick
Sister Mary Sloppy Box
Novice Sister Tubasucker
Sr Mortisha of the cut Roses

Mother Armgageddon To Be A Habit With You
Mother Jocasta of the Joyous Juices
Mother Mary Hell 'n Back
Mother Maria Mount St Druitt
Pope John, Paul, George and Ringo of the Fab Frock
Saint Kendall the Constant
Sister Amagayest Mozart
Sister Mary Petty Cash
Sister Aster Keep Your Socks On
Sister Bernadette of the 12 Steps of Happiness
Sister Bona Contention/Fra Michael
Sister Crusty Butt
Sister Dolby Decibel of the Richter Scale
Sister Golde Schmekel Already
Sister Indulgent
Sister Joy of Man's Desiring
Sister Judy of the Pinstripe Lifestyle
Sister Marlene Dyke Trick
Sister Mary Gold
Sister Mary Joseph of the Dancing Unicorns
Sister Mary Mega Mouth
Sister Mary Queen of Scots
Sister Mary Returns to Somd'em
Sister Monsterio Deliciosa Hysterica
Sister Nun of the Above
Sister Rhoda Fokker
Sister Sit On My Face
Sister Subversa
Sister Volupta/Mother Inferior/Sister Volupta/Mother Inferior/
Sister Porka Madonna/Sister Venus de Lilo/Mother Abyss
Sister Oscar Ravin' Wilde
Sister Mary Whitehouse of the Oral Majority
Sister Nana Mouskouri Yasou, Greek Nun from Hell
Sister Siona Ibn Fuad al-Seyefa Atreides (God we had some messy
Sister Mary Mother of Pearl
Mother Mary Desmond 3 3 With A Bloody Good Tan
Sister Helena

Sister Neurotica
Sister Mary Creme de la Clone
Sister Mary Anytime
Sister Mary Tyler Moore
Sister Outrage, aka Mother Lateral Thinking
Sister Mary Disgrace
Sister Arse Licked and Old Lace

Sister Web would appreciate it if you are able to supply any additional names or information for our roll list

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This website is fondly dedicated to the memory of Sister Carmen Get It - (15/4/1959 - 5/5/2006)
and to all those Sisters of the Sydney House who have passed on.
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