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Requesting A Blessing

A blessing is an invocation of good fortune and/or well being upon a place, an activity, an object/s or people.
The Sisters are more than happy to assist in performing these acts, and to work with the Gathered Faithful (the person/s requesting the blessing) to create the most appropriate form of ritual that is both desired and required.

Please take a moment to go through the following questions and answer as well as you can.
Don't get upset if you cannot answer something – this is not a test and you will not be punished!
We will also be able to fill in a lot of detail later during discussions with you.

Please allow as much forward notice as possible to allow the Sisters to discuss your request and prepare.
A Sister will contact you to confirm the receipt of your request and to arrange discussion.

Remember, you are permitted to have fun with this as well!

Options for requesting a blessing!

Download and use this Blessing Request form and return it to Sister Info


Simply submit your request using the form below making careful note of the questions below and forward to Sister Info.

Requesting A Blessing