Mardi Gras Festival Launch

Sydney Opera House

Thursday 11th February 1999

What a truly sensational event!
The Sisters were delighted to be involved with the Mardi Gras Festival Launch event which was held on the steps of the Sydney Opera House.
A highlight of the event was surely the arrival of a special envoy from the Celestial Convent of the Great Bitch Mother Dingo herself, in the form of Sister Carmen Get It who 'flew' in to conduct both an exorcism and a blessing much to the amsuement and delight of the Gathered Faithful.

Now for your edification, and entertainment, a very special appearance by an envoy of the
Great Bitch Mother Dingo herself!

Please make contact with Sister Web if you're able to enlighten Sister in any way with regard to these photographic images or the event.
Sister would particularly like to identify all Sisters who were present, so would love to hear from you.
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