Sydney House Farewell Bruncheon

Kantine Café - Surry Hills

Sunday 17th March 2013

A flap of nuns a long with a few friends gathered at Kantine Café to enjoy a communal Bruncheon as well as to farewell Sister Salomé who is preparing to take an extended sebatical to a Greek Island.

Parting company with Sister Salomé at Kantine, remainder group adjourned to the Oxford Hotel for libations where they were joined by friends of The Order Jim and Ian from the Dolphins and Ray.

Sisters Present: Sister Rowena Keeper of the Holy Doyley, Mother Premonstratensia, Mother Premonstratensia,
Sisters Salomé, CPRII, (both in secular guise) and Saint W.D. 4.0
Photos courtesy of St W.D. (4.0)
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