Profession To Black Veil

The Profession of Sister Catheter of the Immaculate Ejaculate

Saturday 3rd February 2018

The Sydney Sisters of the Order of Perpetual Indulgence are pleased to announce the ascension of Novice Catheter of the Immaculate Ejaculate
to the Black Veil.
The Sisters were joined by a number of Gathered Faithful and supporters with the ceremony taking place at Sister Catheter’s convent in Botany.
Following the handing over of the dowry and taking of the vows by Novice Catheter, the Sisters gathered in a huddle surrounding Sister to ceremoniously present and fit his Black Veil. Sister was then presented to the gathering. All present then joined in a celebratory libation, fine food and social intercourse.
The Sydney Sisters are delighted to welcome and present Sister Catheter as a Black Veil of The Order.

Sisters Present: Mother Premonstratensia, Sister Salomé of the 9th Mystic Rhinestone, Sister Rowena The Rotten Roadside Root,
Mother Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation II, Sister Eileen Dover, Novice Sister Catheter of the Immaculate Ejaculate, Brother Hug-A-Lot and St W.D. (4.0)
Photos courtesy of St WD 4.0
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