Sydney Gas & Lesbian Fair Day

Victoria Park Camperdown

Sunday 16th February 2020

The Sisters of the Order Of Perpetual Indulgence were delighted to be asked to bless Fair Day which was held at Victoria Park in Camperdown.

The Great Mother Dingo was called upon to shower her blessings on this the 35th Fair Day, the first event of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras 2020 Festival.

Her Feralness was also called upon to bless the 78ers among us, Mardi Gras personnel and the volunteers working tirelessly and with enthusiasm throughout the long day.

Blessings were also bestowed upon all stall holders, performers, pets and of course the Gathered Faithful who had all come along to enjoy this community celebration.

Sisters Present: Mother Premonstratensia, Sister Salomé of the 9th Mystic Rhinestone, Mother Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation II,
Sister Rowena Keeper of the Holy Doyley and Brother Hug-a-lot.
Photos courtesy of St W.D. (4.0), Damian Brinley & Rod Sydney Photography
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