"The adventures of 2 Slushy Sisters, a slightly nervous novice
and an aspirational documentary film maker."

A Manifestation at The Oxford Hotel

Saturday 10th April 2021

Sr. Salome of the 9th Mystic Rhinestone, Sr. Rowena Keeper of the Holy Doyley, Novice Sr. Helena Anne Basquet , with Alfie – an aspirational documentary film maker in tow, arrived at the Oxford Hotel Darlinghurst around 6:30pm. The Sisters were joined later in the evening by Cameron, Sr. Helena’s partner.

The plan was simple; consumption of libations, dinner, a bit of a mix and mingle with the gathered faithful, and for Alfie to experience first-hand a bit of a habited outing with the Sisters.

In an unheard of, rather ill-mannered and unsisterly thing we arrived early for our intended booking! The ever-helpful Oxford Hotel wait staff did their very best to accommodate our misstep and found an available table and seating for us. The wait staff were incredibly friendly and fabulously accommodating of the Sisters all night. Such pleasantry and manners rarely seen in a public bar on a Saturday night! So much so that at one point your dear correspondent by way of either accident or design was plied with a free drink by one of the staff who came out to the balcony table to deliver the liquid tribute with the words ‘here you are darling’…? Yes, perhaps it was an accident, but a nice moment of unplanned and unsolicited self-indulgence none-the-less.

As part of Sr. Rowena’s strategy of engaging the gathered faithful he brought with him a number of business card sized perpetual indulgences to hand at the time with OPI contact details on the reverse side. These ageless and timeless foils of interaction are always a great hit with the gathered faithful. They are always well received and some intrinsic value seems placed with the moment of their receipt. One young lad even commented that receiving the perpetual indulgence was ‘heaps better than getting a free beer!’ So, it is nice to know as far as priorities go our small gifts rate better than free beer!

Sisters Present: Sr. Salome of the 9th Mystic Rhinestone, Sr. Rowena Keeper of the Holy Doyley, Novice Sr. Helena Anne Basquet.
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