Candlelight Memorial

Eternity Playhouse

Sunday 16th May 2021

The OPI was invited to attend the Candlelight memorial service and name reading as hosted by Positive Life NSW. In habited attendance at this solemn event was Sister Rowena Keeper Of The Holy Doyley and Sister Eileen Dover. Sister Rowena had accepted the invitation to be one of the memorial roll call name readers and participated as such in the proceedings of the afternoon.

The service began at 3pm in the auditorium of The Eternity Playhouse, Burton Street, Darlinghurst. There were eight name readers who read just over 50 names each, prior to a short address by Professor Anthony (Tony) Kelleher, and another eight name readers who completed the names roll call after Tony’s address.

The professor had crafted a wonderful speech covering such matters as how inequality impacts upon good clinical and health outcomes and how disadvantage and stigma impacts on people suffering with HIV in the developing nations and how there was still much more work to be done in these parts of the world against the backdrop of how much progress had been achieved in our communities in Australia.

The formal part of the event concluded at around 4pm and we were then treated to several songs sung by the Sydney Street Choir. We were then provided refreshments and the opportunity to mix and mingle with the gathered faithful in a far more relaxed setting.

There were COVID-safe restrictions in place and one may consider just how socially distanced our dear Sister Eileen appeared from the mask that he was wearing in the photos, or is he just being demure, enigmatic and mysterious??

Sr Eileen Dover and Sr Rowena Keeper Of The Holy Doyley then popped around the corner to the Oxford Hotel for a manifestation opportunity and a quick additional libation at about 5:30 pm, we both departed the Oxford at about 7:30ish.

Our own Sister Mary Dazie Chain’s name appeared in the list I read from and there were quite a few other Sisters whose names have been memorialised and were read out on the day by other readers who were present.

Dingo Vobiscum
Sister Rowena Keeper of the Holy Doyley

Sydney Sisters Present: Novice Mistress Sister Rowena Keeper Of The Holy Doyley & Sister Eileen Dover
Photos courtesy of PositiveLife NSW
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