Living History Walk

Forty Years Since Law Reform!

Sunday 25th February 2024

Over fifty members of the gathered faithful joined the Sisters and renowned historian, activist and '78er' Saint Robert of the Rainbow Chronicles - aka Cardinal French, - aka Robert French, for this year’s 35th Annual Living History Walk titled "Forty Years Since Law Reform!" marking the 40th Anniversary of the Law Reform to decriminalise homosexual sex in NSW.

It was and always is a great honour to have elders, activists and 78'ers with us to contribute insight and personal memories. Other members of the gathered faithful were also encouraged to share their experiences and memories of events, protests and rallies in the lead up to law reform. For some, those memories remain quite raw to this day.

There was a touch of sadness to this year's walk when our much loved and respected St Robert informed the gathered faithful that this our 35th Living History Walk, would be his final walk with the Sisters as he shifts focus to maintaining his own health. The Sisters thank Robert for all the support and knowledge he has shared with the Sisters and indeed everyone who has attended our walks over the years wish him well and call on the Great Mother Dingo to grant him an abundance of perpetual indulgences!

Watch a short video where St Robert of the Rainbow Chronicles bids farewell after thirty five years leading the Sisters' Living History Walks.
The Sisters would like to acknowledge William Brougham for making this video available.

Sydney Sisters Present: Sister Salomé of the 9th Mystic Rhinestone, Novice Mistress Sister Rowena Keeper Of The Holy Doyley,
Sister Eileen Dover of The Double Cross, Sister Ophelia Ring, Novice Sister Beefcake TenderLoins and Novice Sister Carmen Cider
The Sisters acknowledge and thank William Brougham and Robert French for the use of their photos.
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